The Right Candidate For Breast Reconstruction Surgery

If you have had a single or double mastectomy, either partial or full, you might be faced with the option of either living the rest of your life without breast or breasts or choosing to have them reconstructed for you. But before going ahead with any breast reconstruction plans, you have to make sure you are the right candidate for breast reconstruction surgery.

On the other hand, the choice of having a breast reconstruction surgery should be yours and no one else’s, and should be done on your terms. If getting a breast reconstruction surgery is not an option that you would consider, there are other ways you can fill in the symmetry of your bust. This includes wearing breast pads or forms, or simply nothing at all.

But when you make the decision to have a breast reconstruction, which is never an easy one to make, it does not mean that you can automatically visit your breast reconstruction surgeon and simply get the surgery. As mentioned before, you have to know if you are the right candidate for breast reconstruction surgery or not, and then you and your plastic surgeon can proceed to the next steps of the process.

The right candidate for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai should fit in a certain criteria including:

  • The decision to have a breast reconstruction surgery should be yours and yours alone. You should not be influenced by anyone else, because it is your body and you are the only one who should make any decisions about it.
  • As the patient, you should be doing the breast reconstruction surgery for yourself and not to fulfill someone else’s needs or desires.
  • You should be free of any medical conditions or treatments that can make the healing process longer or harder.
  • You should have realistic expectations that do not include trying to fit onto some sort of ideal image or personality.
  • Your outlook towards life and your body image should be geared towards positivity.
  • Mentally, you should be able to show that your coping mechanism to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is sound, and that you are still not in denial.

Advances In Medical Technology

Today, advanced technology is allowing almost anyone to have a choice; even if it might feel that sometimes we do not have one. The advancements made in plastic and reconstruction surgery can make a big positive difference on how you view yourself after a breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai.

These advancements mean that the results you get after a breast reconstruction surgery are way better that what you could have got 20 or 30 years ago. The techniques involved are also better, as well as the downtime and healing after this life-changing surgery.

Even though the breast reconstruction is your choice and your choice alone, and it is done according to your needs and desires, this does not mean that the positive change will not positively affect those closest to you. These types of surgeries – reconstruction to be specific – give you and your family a sense of wholeness and more strength.

What Are The Next Steps?

If you are still unsure if you are the right candidate for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai, you can meet one of our experts at Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery for a personal consultation, to develop a tailor-made plan for you. Contact us or book an appointment and our patient care coordinators will identify the most suitable expert for you.