9 Most Common Questions Regarding Endoscopic Breast Augmentation


1. What is Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation is a breast enhancement technique that involves using an endoscope to improve visualization during the procedure.

2. Which incision is used for Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

For an Endoscopic breast augmentation, a transaxillary incision is used. This involves making a well-hidden small incision in the crease of an armpit (axilla) through which the implant is inserted.

3. How do I know whether I am a good candidate for Endoscopic breast augmentation?

The ideal candidate for endoscopic breast augmentation is a woman who desires breast enlargement but without any visible scars on the breast. She should be in good health and have reasonable expectations.

4. Is Endoscopic Breast Augmentation more painful than conventional breast augmentation?

No. Pain from breast augmentation surgery tends to vary from person to person and lasts about two days but it can be effectively controlled by prescribed pain medications.

5. What is the downtime?

The downtime is usually one-three weeks but one should avoid strenuous activities for at least four weeks after the surgery.

6. How does the scar look like?

The scar from endoscopic breast augmentation is about an inch long and is located in the armpit. It is usually well-hidden and almost invisible.

7. What are the advantages of Endoscopic breast augmentation?

There are many advantages of endoscopic breast augmentation including:

  • Natural-looking results
  • No scars on the breasts
  • Well-hidden incisions
  • Option to choose from various implant sizes


8. What can I expect after Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

Endoscopic breast augmentation yields immediate results of the desired breast size. Swelling is expected for about two months whereas final results can be seen at six months.

9. What are the side effects of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation?

All surgeries carry some degree of risk and although those associated with endoscopic breast augmentation are low, they can include asymmetry, infection, and bleeding.

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