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Nose Job Procedure


Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Not everybody is happy with the size or shape of his or her nose, whether due to genetics or an accident. The nose is central to facial symmetry, hence when it is crooked or not the ‘right’ size, it can make someone feel uncomfortable or even lose self-esteem. It may get worse because you cannot hide your nose and when you meet people it is one of the first things that they notice about you.

Other times the nose can look a bit off because it is not in balance with the jaw or chin. In an effort to find a more harmonious alignment of their facial features, patients opt for a nose reshaping surgery or Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, which is commonly known as nose reshaping surgery or nose job in Dubai, is a procedure that enhances facial harmony and proportions of your nose through nose contouring. The procedure can also correct impaired breathing which is caused by structural defects in the nose. Rhinoplasty can be performed either for cosmetic or for medical purposes or sometimes both.

Rhinoplasty Technique

A Rhinoplasty procedure corrects certain nose deformities. However, there are limitations on how much the nose can actually be altered. The outcome of a Rhinoplasty depends on the size of the nose, the age of the patient and the condition of the skin around it.

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed and there are two main techniques that are typically used for rhinoplasty depending on the area that is being corrected. A nose reshaping procedure is performed either from the inside of the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or by making a small cut on the nose and then elevating the skin (open rhinoplasty).

Nose surgeries are commonly carried out;

  • To reshape the tip of the nose
  • To correct a bump at the bridge of the nose
  • To correct the length or width of the nose
  • To correct the width of the nostrils
  • To help in breathing by opening up the nasal airways
  • To reposition and restructure the nose after an injury

Our Guidance And Commitment To You

Our highly trained and experienced staff will guide you smoothly and comfortably along the entire process to allow you to make the best decision for a nose surgery in Dubai. At Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery, our experts have more than 20 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic procedures and have helped more than 10,000 patients safely achieve their dream of beauty and confidence. We will identify the best nose surgeon in Dubai for you, we will listen to you, understand and identify your individual and detailed requirements in a tailor-made consultation, advise you on what to expect from the right treatment, and ultimately develop the most suitable treatment plan with you.

The Rhinoplasty Process

a) The Consultation

The first step of a Rhinoplasty is having a detailed consultation and examination in the clinic with our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, to determine a tailor-made plan for each candidate.

b) The Surgery

The second step is to schedule the Rhinoplasty surgery with our highly qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon who is an expert in Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic procedures. The procedure typically requires 2 hours under general anaesthesia. Prior to the nose surgery in Dubai, each patient is screened to ensure that it is safe to proceed with the surgery. This includes a pre-anaesthetic consultation, blood testing, and to ensure the patient is a fit candidate for the procedure.

Here are several types of Rhinoplasty surgeries;

  • Tip: When the tip of the nose is being corrected, the cartilage which supports the tip is usually reshaped or removed. This is normally done through the nostril, or by making a small incision between the nostrils.
  • Bridge or Dorsum: When it comes to correcting the nose bridge, the cartilage and bone which is causing a bump are removed. Sometimes the nose may be broken so as to allow the remaining pieces of bone to be moved closer together. This results in a narrower nose.
  • Length: The central structure of the nose known as the septum can be reduced or adjusted. This shrinks the tip and reduces the overall length of the nose. Sometimes the tip cartilages are also adjusted so as to help with the nasal length.
  • Width: The width of the nose is reduced by breaking and repositioning the side nasal bone.
  • Additional Rhinoplasty: Cartilage grafts from the septum or silicone implants are added to the nose and used to build up a flat bridge or tip.

c) The Recovery

During your Rhinoplasty recovery, a packing and or a splint may be placed inside your nose, and bandages or a splint placed on the outside to protect and support the new structure of the nose during the initial healing process.

The initial swelling usually subsides within a few weeks but it may take up to a year for the new nasal contour to fully refine. Follow the surgeon’s instructions to the fullest for a better healing experience but contact him or her if you notice something out of the ordinary with your nose.

Our expert Plastic Surgeon accompanies the patient throughout the entire process of recovery and healing through scheduled follow-ups.


When choosing a surgeon for your Rhinoplasty surgery, remember to enquire about the surgeon’s experience and see if you are comfortable with him or her performing the procedure. You are likely to be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty if;

  • You are physically and mentally healthy
  • You are not a smoker
  • You have completed your facial growth
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You are doing it for yourself and not anybody else

What to expect from a Rhinoplasty

It is important to be clear on what Rhinoplasty can do for you personally as it has numerous benefits. Some of these are;

  • Restoring facial symmetry
  • Correcting birth defects
  • Correcting sinus problems
  • Fixing nose injuries
  • Improving breathing
  • Improving confidence

Next Steps

Meet one of our experts at Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery, for a personal consultation to develop a tailor-made plan for your nose reshaping surgery in Dubai. Contact us or book an appointment and our patient care coordinator will identify the most suitable expert for you.

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