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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It is natural to want the best outcome from a Cosmetic Surgery procedure. Pre and post-procedure massages can help in speeding up recovery time and improving the outcome of the surgery. The lymphatic drainage massage involves massaging the skin gently to help activate the body's natural lymphatic nodes and improve the lymphatic flow.
It can be done before and after cosmetic procedures such as:

  • Liposuction
  • Facelift
  • Breast procedures
  • Tummy tuck
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Body contouring
  • Mommy makeover

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and is composed of a series of channels that run throughout the entire body and lead back to larger lymph nodes. The work of the lymphatic system is to help the body get rid of waste, toxins, and other harmful materials. In addition to this, it also transports a fluid containing white blood cells known as lymph throughout the body to help fight infection.
Lymphatic drainage massage helps in relaxing the patient’s body before the procedure by enhancing circulation and delivering oxygen to the treatment area. When performed post-procedure it helps in the smooth recovery and improves the results by reducing the post-surgical swelling and scar tissue formation (fibrosis).

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage Process

a) The Consultation

The first step of a Lymphatic drainage massage procedure is having a detailed consultation and examination in the clinic with our lymphatic massage expert. The team will guide you to the right time to do the massage but it can be done as early few days post-surgery.

b) The Procedure

The second step is to schedule the lymphatic drainage massage with the highly qualified massage therapist who is an expert in lymphatic drainage massage. You will be provided with the following instructions which will help you prepare for the lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Empty your bladder right before the massage starts (in some cases)
  • Avoid a huge meal before coming for the massage

The lymphatic drainage massage lasts about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. The massage is very relaxing and it involves gentle strokes which significantly reduce swelling and help with pain.

The frequency of massage varies depending on the condition of your body, the best advice will be given by your Plastic Surgeon or massage therapist.

c) The Recovery

After the lymphatic drainage massage, you might feel thirsty thus you can drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. You also might feel relaxed and it is normal to want to sleep and rest afterward. Limit the intake of processed food and eat plenty of healthy food. If you were instructed to wear a compression garment continue wearing it until you are instructed otherwise.

Lymphatic Drainage Nassage at Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery
Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a technique to help the lymphatic fluid move naturally through the body, releasing trapped fluids and toxins that can cause swelling.

Meet Our Team

Our lymphatic massage specialists are trained specifically for lymphatic massage post-surgery.

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Massage therapist

Dominga Gotomanga

Massage therapist

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Massage Therapist & Laser Technician

Ana Alice is a Certified Laser and Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the medical aesthetics field. She is an internationally trained therapist with particular focus on pre and post operative lymphatic massage therapy

Ana Alice Bacon

Massage Therapist & Laser Technician


Although the lymphatic drainage massage is straightforward, it is important that the right level of treatment is determined and that the massage is performed by a qualified expert or massage therapist that is familiar with post-surgical lymphatic massages.

What to expect from Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The main benefit of the lymphatic drainage massage is to reduce swelling and improve the aesthetic results by decreasing congestion of excess fluid after Cosmetic Surgery. Since everyone is different, the expected results of the lymphatic drainage massage might vary from person to person and the benefits typically include:

  • Reduces swelling, pain, and discomfort
  • Drains excess tissue fluid
  • Reduces potential bruises
  • Speeds up the overall recovery process
  • Helps to improve the appearance of scars
  • Reduces rippling, indentions, and hard lumps in the body
  • Improves immune system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work of the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a drainage network in the body that is responsible for balancing bodily fluids and defending the body against infections. It plays a major role in the functioning of the immune system. The lymphatic system works by transporting a milky fluid containing white cells known as lymph which helps the body to get rid of toxins, waste, and unwanted materials.

What does the lymphatic drainage massage do?

The lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that aids in stimulating the lymphatic system and encourages the flow of lymph fluid. This helps the lymph to drain out of the affected area and into areas that drain normally. If there is damaged tissue such as from surgery, the massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of waste more rapidly. This results in a dramatic decrease in swelling and improved quality of life.

Why do I need a lymphatic drainage massage after a cosmetic surgery procedure?

Following a Cosmetic Surgical procedure such as  liposuction, facelift, or any other surgical procedure it is normal to have inflammation and trauma from the surgery. You may notice the thickness of the skin or lump in the treated area after the procedure. Lymphatic drainage therapy helps to minimize the swelling by moving the fluid and gently pumping it back to the lymph vessels for cleansing thus making you more comfortable.

Without the lymphatic drainage massage, the inflammation can result in the formation of a seroma (pocket of serum) or fibrosis (a permanent hardening of the tissue). Lymphatic drainage therapy after Plastic Surgery procedures ensures that you attain the best possible results in the shortest timeframe.

How long should I wait before beginning a lymphatic drainage massage after my cosmetic surgical procedure?

In most cases, a lymphatic drainage massage is done within 1 to 2 weeks after the surgical procedure. Each session is tailor-made to your individual needs and will help you heal faster and get back into your daily life routine while realizing the results of the surgical procedure quicker.

Is lymphatic drainage therapy painful?

When performed properly it is not painful. A lymphatic drainage massage is not a regular or traditional massage and should only be performed by a certified lymphatic drainage practitioner. A general therapeutic, Swedish, or deep tissue massage instead of lymphatic drainage massage is not recommended for individuals post-op. This is because it can increase blood circulation and body heat which in turn can inhibit the movement of the lymphatic fluid.

What should I not do after a lymphatic drainage massage?

You should avoid the following after a lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai:

  • Caffeine intake
  • Hot baths and saunas
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • A heavy diet that will slow down digestion

How often should I do the lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is recommended up to three times a week for the best possible effects. This however depends on your individual needs and the therapists’ findings.

Patient Reviews

I had breast cancer and go for a mastectomy, dr Boutheina was there to save the situation with a perfect immediate reconstruction, I am so happy with the result.Beside this she a very caring person she made me feel safe and happy, the atmosphere is amazing, clinic is very clean with the beautiful soul around especially Leila.I am so thankful to dr hourya and dr Boutheina as they turn out my surgery to a bundle of joy and happiness.

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