Which Cosmetic Surgery Will Do The Most To Make You Look Younger?

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Looking young and beautiful is almost every aging individual’s dream. Fortunately for us we are living at a time whereby the clock can be turned back on our skin by simply going under the knife. A traditional facelift combined by a neck lift will lift years off you, resulting in you looking and feeling young and beautiful again as well as confident.

Endoscopic midface and forehead lift

Facelift and Neck lift

Rhytidectomy which is also known as necklift or a facelift procedure in Dubai is done by tightening the loose skin on face and neck so as to create a smoother, more youthful facial appearance.

There are two types of facelifts, that is; the mini facelift and the standard or traditional facelift but they have to be combined with a neck lift for better results.


A mini-facelift is for someone who is starting to show signs of aging with mild jowls and sagging of the skin. It can also be performed as a touch up for someone who already had a standard facelift. It mainly focuses on tightening the face and jowls but it does not have the same lasting effects as a standard facelift. A mini-facelift uses a less invasive technique to tighten deep facial tissues through shorter incisions. The incisions are located in the natural creases surrounding the ear or along the hairline above each ear. The procedure can be performed using local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. The recovery is quick as compared to that of a traditional facelift.

Standard or Traditional Facelift

A standard facelift surgery tightens the skin of the jowls, neck and cheeks. By doing this, it rejuvenates the face by 10-15 years younger and maintains the effects for a similar timeframe. But the results are not permanent because the face will continue to naturally age. Depending on the extent of the surgery, it might take between two to six hours to perform the procedure under general anesthesia. During the procedure, fat may be redistributed or sculpted from the face, neck and jowls, the underlying tissue is repositioned and the deeper layers of the muscles and face are also lifted. The skin is then redraped over the uplifted contours and the excess skin is trimmed away. The scars from the procedure are usually hidden around the ears and in the hairline. The procedure is normally done on an outpatient basis but in some cases an overnight stay at the hospital may be needed for monitoring purposes.

Neck lift

A neck lift mainly focuses on the sagging jowls, lose neck skin and fat accumulation under the chin. The neck lift incision starts from the front of the ear lobe, wraps around behind the ear and ends  posqteriorly behind the ear. Liposuction may be performed to get rid of excess fat cells under the chin. The procedure usually lasts between one to three hours.

 Results and Recovery

There will be some swelling and bruising but this should go down after about ten days to two weeks. The results will start being visible after about two weeks on which you can go back to work. However the whole recovery will take more weeks but it is worth it. You will be given instructions to follow which you must do. Combining a facelift and a neck lift is a sure way to rejuvenate your face as it will take years off you instantly, leaving you feeling young, beautiful and confident.

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