Thigh Lift Explained


A thigh lift is a Cosmetic Surgical procedure that reshapes the thighs by reducing the amount of excess fat and skin resulting in smoother skin and better contours for both the thighs and the lower body.

Sometimes, weight control and fitness efforts can fail to help in achieving personal body goals of younger-looking, firmer, and more proportionate overall body image. But a Thigh lift in Dubai can help you achieve all these by addressing the excess fat and skin that tends to sag with age or due to weight fluctuations.

However, it should be noted that a thigh lift is not a weight loss procedure and it is not intended strictly for the removal of excess fat. For cases whereby only excess fat removal is intended, liposuction might be used but the skin has to have good elasticity so that it can naturally conform to the new body contours.

In cases where there is excess skin with poor elasticity, a thigh lift along with liposuction is recommended.

Types of Thigh Lifts

Different types of thigh lifts vary according to your individual needs.

  • Inner (medial) thigh lift. This is the most common type of thigh lift, it addresses sagging skin on the inner thigh through an incision from the groin toward the back of the thigh area (where the groin and thigh meet) or towards the knee (for those with significant skin excess).
  • Lateral thigh lift. This addresses the front and outer thigh and is usually performed in conjuction with a buttock lift creating a lower body lift. This procedure is ideal for extreme weight loss patients.

Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift

You can be the ideal candidate for a thigh lift if:

  • You have excess soft tissue along the outer (lateral) thigh or the inner (medial) thigh
  • You are at a stable weight but not overweight
  • Healthy with no underlying medical condition that can increase the risk of surgery or impair healing
  • You are a nonsmoker
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic goals of what the procedure can accomplish

Thigh Lift Procedure

Before a thigh lift procedure, you will be instructed by your Plastic Surgeon to stop taking certain medications that can increase bleeding such as aspirin, certain supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs. You will also undergo a medical evaluation to ensure you are a good candidate for thigh lift surgery.

The thigh lift procedure is usually done under general anesthesia. Your Plastic Surgeon will make the appropriate incisions based on the thigh lift technique you’ve chosen. He/she will then cut out excess skin and fat cells before closing the wound with sutures. The entire procedure takes about two to six hours to complete depending on the procedure.

Recovery and Results

The incisions will be covered by dressings to ease swelling and a drainage tube may be inserted to drain excess fluid and blood from the treatment area. You will be placed in a compression garment to control the swelling.

You will experience pain, bruising, and swelling for a few days after the procedure but pain medication will be provided to ease the discomfort as well as antibiotics.

Although the results of more contoured thighs are noticeable straight away, it will take several weeks for them to be more visible because of the swelling.

Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least six weeks after the procedure and you should elevate your legs as often as possible during the recovery.


To Know More

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