Recovery after Tummy Tuck


A tummy tuck is a popular Plastic Surgery procedure that has been in the top five Plastic Surgery procedures performed on both men and women in recent years according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Despite its popularity, plenty of individuals often do not know what to expect during their recovery. If you are considering undergoing a tummy tuck it is crucial to get proper information on what the recovery will involve. Understanding the recovery process of the tummy tuck and the timeline can make the tummy tuck a much easier journey for you.

Although it is natural to want to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible after the surgery, it is, however, crucial to give your body time to heal. Before undergoing the procedure, you need to figure out the time frame for your recovery. That way you will have ample time to heal and take breaks from certain aspects of your life.

After the tummy tuck surgery, you will stay in the recovery room for a few hours for observation Your Plastic Surgeon might have you stay overnight or even two nights..

Recovery time from a Tummy Tuck varies

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure and there is no specific answer on how long it’ll take you to completely recover but there is a general time frame. Since it is a tailor-made procedure, the recovery is based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Type of tummy tuck
  • If there were any other procedures performed at the same time eg liposuction
  • Age
  • General health
  • Post-surgery care

Your Plastic Surgeon will discuss with you a more specific timeline for your recovery after the surgery, but generally, most individuals start feeling like themselves again at around the 6-week mark.

Type of Tummy Tuck matters

There are several types of tummy tucks including a mini tuck which focuses on a small area in the lower abdomen and a full tummy tuck or extended tummy tuck which focuses on more aspects in and around the abdominal area such as the flanks, lower back, and lower chest.

The more extensive the abdominal contouring is, the longer the recovery period will be.

 Tummy Tuck recovery timeline

It is extremely crucial to choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is skilled in the tummy tuck procedure. This is because he or she has met the stringent and safety requirements that other surgeons have not. Following your Plastic Surgeon’s instructions after a tummy tuck procedure is very important as this plays a huge role in the expected results.

Here is the timeline for the tummy tuck procedure:

  • Immediately after surgery

Immediately after the tummy tuck surgery, the abdomen is covered with surgical dressings and drainage tubes might be placed around the incisions to drain any fluid or blood that builds around the treatment area. You may also be placed in a compression garment to control the swelling.

  • When at home

You will need someone to help you in the first couple of days during your recovery. You will rest at an angle and be given instructions on how to move around to help prevent blood clots.

Pain medication will be prescribed and this will help with mobility. Your mobility will be limited as your bending, lifting, or standing for prolonged periods will be difficult.

  • Daily care

You will be taught how to care for your incisions and drainage tubes during your recovery. Antibiotics and anticoagulants will be prescribed as well as topical creams to apply around the incision sites.

You will need to wear an abdominal support garment for a specified period each day to help with the swelling and recovery.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke during the recovery period as this can seriously inhibit the results and lengthen the recovery time.

  • Resuming your normal routine

If you have little children you will need to enlist help with taking care of them as you will find it difficult to keep up with them and various activities such as squatting or picking them up since you can’t lift any heavy objects during your recovery. However, you will be able to drive, cook, and shop after the first two to three weeks.

Most individuals take about a month off work for the recovery but if your job is physically demanding you might need more time. Strenuous activities are also to be avoided until you’re cleared by your Plastic Surgeon.

  • Long term effects

Some individuals tend to experience a pulling or numbing sensation for months after the tummy tuck surgery but this is normal and often fades with time. The swelling and bruising can take up to 3 months to completely go down and it’ll take more time for the incision scar to fade.


As far as the tummy tuck recovery goes, there’s a lot to consider but it is all manageable and attainable. Knowing what to expect during the recovery process and preparing yourself beforehand will greatly help with the recovery and make it seamless. A Tummy Tuck in Dubai is a great way of achieving your aesthetic goals and raising your level of self-confidence.

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