Options for Breast Implant Placement

breast implant placement - Dubai

If you are planning to get breast augmentation with implants, you might have a couple of questions in mind like will the implants look natural? What will their shape look like? What size should I choose? This blog discusses the most critical question of all; “where the breast implants would be placed?” It is an important question to pose as it largely determines the success of the surgery as well as the patient satisfaction following the procedure.

Options for Placement of Implants

During breast augmentation in Dubai, the location of implant placement can vary depending on the unique body type and expectations of the patient. Here are the sites where a breast implant is normally placed.

Sub-muscular placement

Beneath the breast skin lies adipose tissue (fat) and mammary glands. And underneath these tissues reside the chest muscle i.e., Pectoralis Major. Sub-muscular, also known as subpectoral, placement refers to the phenomenon of placing the breast implants just under this chest muscle. This strategy is adopted if the natural breast mass of the patient is not sufficient to cover the size of the implant.


  • Provides more accurate mammograms as the implants do not come in the way
  • Gives a natural look and smooth shape as there is enough coverage for the implants
  • Reduces the risk of developing capsular contractures (hard scar tissue around the breasts)


  • As chest muscle is incised to make a breast pocket, the recovery takes a bit longer
  • Patient experiences relatively more discomfort after the procedure
  • Swelling stays in place for a long time thus masking the outcomes for weeks
  • May present with rippling or indentation whenever the muscle is moved

Sub-glandular placement

The breast implant is placed above the Pectoralis Major muscle but below the breast glands. This approach is best for patients who have enough natural breast tissue to give proper coverage to the implants. Subglandular placement is also known as the over-the-muscle technique.


  • Fast recovery happens as the chest muscle remains undisturbed during the surgery
  • A significant improvement is observed in the appearance of ptotic (sagging) breasts
  • Final results appear quickly since the swelling does not take long to subside
  • Natural-looking results as breast tissue support the implant
  • Implants do not move much and little discomfort is felt after the procedure


  • A bit more likely to result in capsular contractures which may cause misshapen breasts
  • Visible rippling may arise if there is low breast tissue volume
  • The implants may mask part of the mammogram hence increasing inaccuracy in the readings.

Sub-fascial placement

This technique successfully combines the upper two approaches to obtain optimal results while minimizing their disadvantages. During sub-fascial placement, implants are introduced inside the outer sheath of the Pectoralis Major muscle. This protects the chest muscle against extensive undermining and hence provides quick recovery.


  • No animation deformity as the implant does not get temporarily distorted during movements
  • Fast recovery as no muscle is dissected
  • Equally good for thin patients who do not have a lot of breast mass


  • The procedure can feel a bit more painful as the fascia of the chest muscle tends to be friable
  • More bleeding may occur as the outer covering of the chest muscle is breached
  • The implant may take more time to settle and retain a high-riding appearance for a while
  • Still takes longer recovery time than the subglandular muscle placement technique

How to Decide?

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help you decide the best approach and design a tailor-made procedure for your surgery. Professionals usually consider the following factors while making expert suggestions:

  • Your body type
  • Your natural breast mass
  • Your health condition
  • The size and shape of breast implants
  • Composition of implants (silicone vs. saline)
  • Your preferences and expectations

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in knowing more about breast augmentation in Dubai, feel free to contact the Al Shunnar patient care team. Our coordinators will readily schedule a personal consultation session for you with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.