Male Breast Reduction – Gynecomastia

gynecomastia treatment

A large number of men suffer from overdeveloped or enlarged male breasts which is a condition known as gynecomastia. It is a condition that can affect one or both breasts and the cause is often unknown.

Although it does not affect a man’s physical health, it may make him feel uncomfortable and sub-conscious about his chest. Breast reduction treatment offers a proven solution to this issue as it naturally restores the masculine appearance to a man’s chest. Thanks to today’s advanced techniques, this can be achieved today with a short surgery, quick recovery and virtually invisible scars.

Gynecomastia Treatment

A male breast reduction is the most effective treatment for enlarged male breasts. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and glandular tissue so as to restore a firmer, flatter and more masculine contour to the chest. Gynecomastia can present itself at any age, and teenagers as well as adults can successfully undergo the male breast reduction procedure.

Why Have A Male Breast Reduction?

Losing weight can help with the reduction in appearance of male breasts for some men, although at times there is excess glandular tissue which can cause even lean patients to notice enlarged breasts. Male breast reduction is currently the only treatment for gynecomastia which is effective and long lasting if not permanent with the results. Following the surgery, patients say they feel more comfortable going shirtless for the first time in a long while and that their sense of self-confidence is enhanced.

Candidates For Male Breast Reduction

Candidates for male breast reduction are healthy men with skin which is still elastic enough to adjust to breast reduction. Overweight men should first try to lose weight through a physician guided exercise and weight loss program.

Candidates who may have developed male breast due to hormonal imbalances, perhaps with a past in body building, may be suitable candidates for breast reduction and in this case your Plastic Surgeon would typically recommend to get a report from an endocrinologist or internal medicine physician, prior to proceeding with a procedure.

Treating Gynecomastia With Liposuction

The number of gynecomastia patients is growing and cosmetic surgeons are able to treat the condition with liposuction. This is partly thanks to the advances in liposuction technology which has resulted in a wider range of selection of less invasive techniques.

The procedure is usually performed using local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. It involves a small incision on each side of the chest. The incisions may be placed along a portion on the edge of the areola or within the armpit, depending on your needs and the Cosmetic Surgeon’s preferred technique. Excess fat and glandular tissue are then removed through these incisions while at the same time sculpting a new chest contour that looks natural to your body. The procedure is usually treated on a short inpatient basis or an out-patient basis.

During the recovery process patients are given a compression garment to wear for the first few weeks after the procedure. This offers support to the healing tissues and helps in minimizing the swelling. You will be given individualized instructions on how to cope during the recovery period as every person is different. Men can typically go back to their normal daily activities within several days after undergoing the procedure but with the clearance from the surgeon.    

Treating Gynecomastia With Tissue Excision

There are severe cases of gynecomastia which may require surgical tissue excision in order to achieve optimal results. This procedure is mostly done on patients who have stretched, sagging skin around the breasts. This technique allows for the removal of a greater amount of glandular tissue and skin which cannot be successfully treated with liposuction alone.

The extent of the surgery will determine the location and length of the incisions but typically, they are located within the natural creases of the chest or around the edge of the areola. The resulting scars are made to be as inconspicuous as possible. The procedure is again performed on a short inpatient basis or an out-patient basis under general anesthesia. The patient will typically experience some soreness and some swelling following the procedure but this goes down after some time. The recovery is similar to that of liposuction.

An improvement in the shape and appearance of your chest is noticeable immediately after the surgery. Pain medication is usually prescribed but the pain is tolerable.

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