Hybrid Breast Augmentation


A hybrid also called a Composite breast augmentation is a breast enlargement procedure that uses your own fat and implants for a more natural outcome. It is considered as the ‘Gold Standard’ for women who are looking to substantially increase their breast volume but lack sufficient fat to achieve their breast augmentation goals by fat transfer alone.

Benefits of Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Hybrid breast augmentation allows your Plastic Surgeon to sculpt the breast size and shape in a way that cannot be necessarily done with implants alone. A combination of fat transfer with a round implant can produce a more natural shape and also increase the volume in the upper pole. Your Plastic Surgeon can use the fat transfer to fine-tune the position and shape of the implants, address any asymmetries which may be found between the breasts or generally soften the overall appearance.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it can minimize the trauma to the breast skin which is caused by implants. Breast implants can be heavy and stretch the skin and the larger the implant, the more trauma it causes to the body. Hybrid breast augmentation procedure uses a much smaller and lighter implants and augments with a fat transfer thus achieving the same effects while doing much less damage and less long term complications.

Combining fat grafting along with implant augmentation can increase the cup size more dramatically than with fat grafting alone. It also has the ability to localize contouring with fat more effectively as compared with using an implant alone.

For women with very little breast tissue, fat can be used very effectively as a barrier between the overlying skin and the implant thereby decreasing the chance of rippling.

With this procedure, next time you go in, you can opt to go for even much smaller implants than before and have more fat transferred.

The Procedure

Just as the name suggests, the hybrid breast augmentation procedure is a two-part procedure which has a slightly longer recovery time than a standard breast augmentation procedure. This is because both implants and autologous fat transfer are involved.

An ideal candidate for hybrid breast augmentation must have enough excess body fat for grafting because without any appreciable fat, this procedure will not be possible.

This procedure is done under general anesthesia. Your Plastic Surgeon will first perform liposuction to remove your own fat from places like the abdomen, outer thighs or buttocks. You will get a bonus here because fat will be taken out of areas that you do not want it in and put in areas where you do (the breasts). The harvested fat is then processed to remove impurities and concentrate stem cells.

A smaller implant is usually used but if the amount of fat is limited, an implant which matches the desired cup size is chosen and the fat would be used for further detailing.

The Results

The results of a hybrid breast augmentation procedure are highly natural looking and personalized. But it is important that you consult with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in both breast reconstruction and fat grafting to achieve the optimal results and avoid complications.

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