Explaining Multiple Brow Lift Techniques

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A brow lift, also known as the forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that lifts your eyebrows and rejuvenates your forehead to give you a more youthful look. It also improves the appearance of areas around the eyes by reducing fine lines and creases.

This blog discusses the different surgical techniques that Plastic Surgeons adopt while performing brow lifts in Dubai. Read on to learn in detail.

Different Brow Lift Procedures

  1. Coronal Brow Lift

This technique involves drawing a long incision behind the hairline that extends from ear to ear. When the forehead skin is lifted, it causes the scalp that is in front of the hairline to overlap the portion lying behind it. Plastic Surgeons then remove this overlapping tissue and close the incisions with the help of sutures that remain well hidden within the hair. The coronal brow lift is not preferable for people who have big foreheads or receding hairlines.

  1. Internal Browpexy

Internal browpexy is performed by placing absorbable internal sutures over the eyebrows. These sutures keep the eyebrows in a raised position especially the lateral brows. They dissolve over the span of 3 months however by that time, the brows get firmly attached to their new positions. Internal browpexy is often performed simultaneously with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) since it leaves no scars. Besides lifting, it is also used to fix brow asymmetry.

  1. Hairline Brow Lift

During a hairline brow lift, Plastic Surgeons make the incision between your hairline and the topmost part of your forehead. This allows the Practitioner to avoid having to remove the scalp during skin lifting. Excess skin is trimmed off and the width of your forehead is slightly reduced to give you a balanced look. Understandably, this technique is quite beneficial for those who have wide foreheads or are facing hair loss at the front. However, the surgical scars may remain visible for some period after the treatment.

  1. Endoscopic Brow Lift

This technique provides almost scar-less results as it does not involve the drawing of long incisions over the forehead or scalp. Instead, Plastic Surgeons make several small (one to two cm) incisions behind the hairline. These cuts are used as gateways for a narrow tube, called an endoscope, which then helps the Surgeons elevate your brows and fix the surrounding areas without removing any skin.

  1. Temporal Brow Lift

Here, the incisions are made behind the hairline of the temporal region. It corrects only a specific area; the lateral portion of the eyebrows that appears hooded due to sagging skin. Temporal brow lift does not treat vertical and horizontal lines between the eyebrows or on the forehead. Since the cuts are hidden behind the eyebrows, one does not have to worry about the visibility of scars.

  1. Direct Brow Lift

The direct brow lift is performed by removing the skin from directly above the eyebrows. It is suitable for those with thick and bushy brows which makes it easier for Plastic Surgeons to hide the scars behind the hair. This technique provides dramatic results to people who have very deep forehead wrinkles.

What to Expect from a Brow Lift?

Patients can expect the following cosmetic benefits from the brow lift surgery:

  • Reduced horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Lessened glabella lines between the brows
  • Smoother skin around the eyes and on the forehead
  • Elevated eyebrows that look more alert and rested
  • Overall young-looking appearance

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in knowing more about brow lifts in Dubai, feel free to contact the Al Shunnar patient care team. Our coordinators will readily schedule a personal consultation session for you with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.