Efficient Makeup Routine with Semi-permanent Makeup


While makeup surely makes us look more beautiful and gives us confidence, it also tends to eat up a lot of our time during application. Cosmetic tattooing provides a semi-permanent solution to this problem which not only eliminates the need to spend hours doing makeup but also gives subtle, natural-looking results.

Dive into this blog to learn in-depth about semi-permanent makeup in Dubai.

Cosmetic Tattooing – What Are the Options?

Semi-permanent tattooing is in vogue for decades and is evolving rapidly with time as advanced technology is enabling people to switch from permanent (that lasted for up to 10 years) to semi-permanent options that provide quick and flexible results.

Cosmetic tattooing can improve the appearance of the following facial features.


You can get natural-looking eyebrow tattoos by opting for any one of the following three advanced techniques:

  • Microblading: It is different from traditional methods in that instead of using a tattoo gun, microblading involves the use of a blade-like tool with tiny needles to make hair-like strokes on your skin. It is suitable for those who have faint, partial, or no brows at all as it covers the whole length of the eyebrows.
  • Microfeathering: It is a variation of microblading and works best for eyebrows with sparse areas of missing hair. Microfeathering fills the gaps by mimicking real hair through fine pigmentation. It is semi-permanent and gives natural-looking results by making your brows look fluffy and fuller.
  • Ombre: As the name depicts, it forms ombre shading that is darker towards the tail of the brows and gradually fades through the front. It involves tattooing countless dots on the epidermis of your brows to give them a subtle and done look. People with a good amount of natural hair can opt for it to give their brows a powdery and thicker appearance.


Eyeliner tattoos can be used to serve two purposes; to get a semi-permanent sleek eyeliner or to make your lashes look voluminous. People can easily enhance the shape and balance of their eyes and give their lashes a lush appearance. These tattoos are applied by inserting micro-droplets of colored pigment in between the lashes or under and over the skin. Now, you don’t have to spend minutes and hours trying to do a perfectly balanced eyeliner!


It is not unusual to have lips with a diminished outline or faded border. With the help of tattooing, the lip line is redefined to sufficiently highlight it and give lips a fuller and pouty appearance. Cosmetic tattooing is also effective in reducing ‘lipstick bleeds.’

Not to mention, lipstick tattoos enable you to say goodbye to having to wear lipstick every time you step outside. Lighter shades can also be applied to enhance the effect of your lipstick shades.

Beauty Spots

Freckles and dark beauty spots (moles) are widely considered attractive and youthful. You can get such beauty spots with the help of cosmetic tattoos to enhance your natural features. These artificial dark marks tend to fade away over time so you don’t have to worry about their permanence.

Scars Camouflage

People with acne, injury, or burn scars tend to spend a huge amount of time concealing them. The good news is that micropigmentation can help you camouflage such stubborn scars. Cosmetic tattooing infuses a matching skin tone through pigmentation and thus restores your natural appearance. You can always get a touch-up session to refresh your fading tattoo.

How Is Cosmetic Tattooing Done?

The process begins with a personal consultation session with your Certified Specialist who assesses you for the suitability, risks, and expectations, and also helps you choose the perfect hues for your tattoos. They usually advise you to avoid getting botox, chemical peel, and microdermabrasion for a few weeks before getting tattoos.

On the day of the treatment, your Technician will mark and sketch the target areas with a sterile surgical pen. Your face will then be anesthetized with a topical solution to protect you from experiencing pain and discomfort during the procedure.

A hollow, vibrating needle is used to introduce the pigment of choice into the skin. Every time the needle pokes a hole in the dermis or epidermis, a droplet of ink is released into the target area. Following the procedure, a cold compress and antibiotic cream can be applied to reduce swelling and prevent infection.

Recovery & Results

Your Technician will advise you to strictly avoid the sun for a few weeks after getting tattoos. They will also give you instructions specific to every procedure. For instance, you will be asked to keep the eyebrows dry for two days and use droplets for the eyes if you have received an eyeliner tattoo, etc.

At first, the newly introduced pigment looks shiny and dark. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks for the tattoo to fade to its permanent color. Cosmetic tattoos tend to last up to 12 to 18 months on average.

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