Combat Aging with These Facelift Options


Facelift procedures have been around for decades, but with innovations and modern-day technology, there are various types of facelifts today. They range from non-surgical facelifts to minimally invasive to full surgical options. The type of facelift option that is best for you will be determined by your priorities in terms of recovery time, facelift scars, and facelift results. Your skin’s elasticity and your age also play a role in determining the right facelift technique for you as well as which part of your face requires intervention (upper, mid, or lower).

Non-surgical facelifts

  • Thread facelift: Also known as lunchtime lift, the thread lift is the most discreet facelift that Cosmetic Surgeons can perform. The procedure takes only about half an hour and involves local anesthetic. It involves the insertion of threads into the skin, pulling them so as to tighten the face by pulling the facial skin upwards. The threads are normally left in the skin and biodegrade eventually. The results of this procedure can last about 18 months at which point, you can go back for another thread lift procedure if you wish to maintain the results. The thread lift is best suited for individuals with minor skin sagging and fat of the midface/cheeks and neck/jowls who are in their late thirties to mid/late forties. Unfortunately, threads can make an open facelift technique difficult as it gets in the way of the dissection.
  • Liquid facelifts: With age, the facial skin thins and the muscles atrophy, which are signs of sagging. Liquid facelifts are great for individuals looking to restore youthfulness and vibrancy which is often lost when the facial skin begins to sag. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid (also used in dermal fillers) into the face at the temples, cheeks and along the jawline. The filler is normally sculpted by hand so as to create a high, arched eyebrow curve as well as a more defined jawline and higher cheekbones. Its effects can last up to 2 years. This technique is best suited for individuals who are starting to show signs of aging. However, over-injection may result in a very unnatural appearance, changing the anatomy of the individuals and his/her natural look. This is why any type of facelift should only be done by a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon or dermatologist.

Surgical facelifts

  • Endoscopic facelift: This is a minimally invasive facelift which is usually done through several small incisions. The endoscopic facelift technique involves the use of a tiny camera and tiny tools which are inserted through the small incisions. The incisions are normally hidden, so they should not be a concern. However, the endoscopic facelift currently on works on certain areas of the face namely the forehead and midface. The endoscopic facelift is often performed together with a neck lift if necessary.
  • SMAS is Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System and it relates to the muscles’ system in the face that are often the cause of visible signs of aging. With time, the muscles can droop due to gravity since they are heavier than skin. The SMAS facelift technique addresses both the skin and the deeper muscle in the face. The muscles in the face are tightened in multiple directions, allowing for the procedure to be customized resulting in a natural appearance.
  • Deep Plane facelift: This facelift technique is considered as the most comprehensive and long-lasting facelift type. It involves the layer of muscles under the facial skin. These muscles are responsible for the sagging and drooping in the face as you age. During the procedure, some of the muscle parts are released from their attachments and re-positioned. This results in a smooth, lifted, tightened base for the facial skin to lie on. This procedure not only gives you tightened skin in your face but also the foundation as well. This is the reason why a deep plane facelift has long lasting results.


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