Can You Get a Flat Stomach with Laser Liposuction?

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As many will attest, getting rid of gut or belly fat is not a walk in the park. Sure, you can hit the gym and live a healthy lifestyle but there is always that pouch that is protruding. This is especially true if you are aged 30 and above because at this age our body digestion system slows down, making it harder to lose belly fat, but in general can also occur at any age. This is equally true for men and women.

Insufficient physical activities or exercise can cause laxity of the belly muscles which are responsible for tightening the stomach and making look flatter or tighter. Putting on weight, combined with the the laxity of the belly muscles easily projects the midriff (i.e. abdomen). Also, women who have delivered babies can easily get a softer, protruding post pregnancy stomach.

Laser Liposuction in Dubai for men and women

Hands down, liposuction is the fastest way to get rid of stubborn belly fat. It has grown in popularity over the last few years due to its great results, safe procedures and shorter recovery time and is the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the US in 2018*. Today’s amazing technology developments have led to various liposuction techniques and one of them is Laser liposuction. Laser liposuction is a non-invasive technique which not only melts the fat away but tightens the skin as well. Before going into detail about how Laser liposuction works, let us discuss the causes of belly fat first.

Causes of Belly Fat

Belly fat is a common problem spot for both men and women due to various different reasons and it is known for its stubbornness. When it comes to causes of belly fat, the main culprit is – fat, but there are two kinds of excess fat in the abdomen.

  • Subcutaneous fat. This type of fat lies between the skin and the muscle. It is usually squishy, soft and easy to pinch and can be treated by cosmetic procedures.
  • Visceral fat. This type of fat is often referred to as a ‘beer belly’. It lies within the abdominal cavity surrounding the internal organs. It generally has a round, firm feel to it because it is stored behind the abdominal wall muscles. Visceral fat is not treatable by any cosmetic procedure.

Trimming belly fat goes hand in hand with tightening loose belly skin. Skin laxity on the belly can be caused by either pregnancy, aging or weight fluctuations. This can range from very mild to severe cases which usually require the excess skin to be removed surgically by Abdominoplasty or a Tummy tuck. On the other hand, if you happen display mild or moderately loose skin there are several treatments which provide skin firming and tightening.

How Laser Liposuction works

Laser liposuction breaks up the fat into a thin fluid, making the evacuation less demanding. Exceptionally small cylinders or cannulas are utilized to suction out the fat from the abdominal skin. Tiny openings in the skin for the procedure translates to really small or undetectable scars. After completing liposuction, the laser is passed again directly under the skin to promote tightening. After Laser Liposuction, the skin is usually smoother and less irregular compared to customary liposuction.

Would you like to enhance the shape of your stomach area and you are not overweight? Undergoing Laser Liposuction is a great way to attain your body goals. Contact us at Al Shunnar Plastic Surgery Dubai for your personal consultation and our highly qualified and trained Plastic Surgeons will guide you through the whole process of having Laser Liposuction in Dubai.