Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer – An Alternate Route


Breast augmentation with fat transfer provides an alternate route to patients who tend to be averse to the idea of enhancing their breast size with implant placement. Their decision is often influenced by the concerns regarding the breast implants being foreign objects that often need revision in a few years. Not to mention, implant placement demands a highly invasive procedure and brings dramatic changes in size that might not be what the patient desires.

This blog discusses breast augmentation with fat transfer in Dubai, a procedure that is appropriate for women who want subtle improvements in the size and shape of their natural breasts.

What is Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer or fat injections is a surgical procedure that uses your body fat to increase the volume of your breasts. It extracts healthy fat cells from the body areas that have higher proportions of fat, including the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, flanks, and upper arms to inject them into your breasts. In this way, it not only accentuates your breasts but also contours the donor sites that get slimmer in the process.

What to Expect?

According to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation with fat transfer is a suitable procedure for women who want slightly larger breasts and do not covet dramatic results which are provided more effectively by augmentation with implant placement.

Patients can expect to achieve the following benefits from the procedure:

  • Perkier breasts that appear more youthful
  • Enhanced breast size – increased fullness across different quadrants
  • Contouring of donor sites from where the fat is taken
  • Minimal risk of infection since no foreign substance is injected
  • Minimal scarring due to smaller incisions
  • Natural-looking outcomes
  • Long-lasting results

What Is The Procedure?

The process begins with a detailed consultation session with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who examines your body, determines your suitability, solicits your expectations, explains the treatment, and tells you about any risks or complications that may be involved.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Plastic Surgeons mark the donor sites as well as the target areas which are to be treated during breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is carried out in two steps:

  • Liposuction
  • Fat Injection

During liposuction, Plastic Surgeons draw small incisions on the areas that contain high-fat volume and harvest the fat cells with the help of a cannula. Fat extraction is performed with the help of tumescent solution which helps prevent bleeding. It should be highlighted that liposuction can also be laser-assisted or ultrasound-assisted in nature.

Once enough fat is collected, it is quickly purified in a sterile container. This enables the Plastic Surgeons to filter out any impurities like blood and cell debris from the aspirate. The healthy fat cells are then gradually injected into the breasts with the help of small syringes and a fine cannula. The whole procedure takes about 1-2 hours and the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day. They may be required to stay overnight if the Plastic Surgeon deems fit.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Following the treatment, the patient may be asked to wear a compression garment on the area that was liposuctioned. Some bruising, swelling, and discomfort may be experienced initially however, they can be overcome by taking painkillers and taking good care of the wounds.

Most people are able to go back to routines within the first 2 weeks. The swelling subsides gradually and thus may take up to 4 weeks. Patients can observe the results once the fat settles down and the swelling goes away.

Need Help?

If you are interested in knowing more about breast augmentation in Dubai, feel free to contact the Al Shunnar patient care team. Our coordinators will readily schedule a personal consultation session for you with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.